Uralsk Walkaround

We are in Uralsk, Kazakhstan, straddling Europe and Asia (the Ural River forms the border, for geographers). The weather has not yet go of winter completely; today it was in the 50s and windy, so the locals were bundled up. But the crisp weather was welcome for us who still remember 98 and humid in Bangkok.

Our son, A.J., was adopted from this small city in NW Kazakhstan in December 2004 at the age of 7 months. It’s a bit surreal to be back here, as it’s all somewhat familiar, even if the details have changed slightly. Many things are as they were more than eight years ago, and were nice to see again.


Mosaic on the building across from our old hotel, the Sayahot


The old church in the center of town


Closeup of the domes


Come to Uralsk and I won’t raid your home!


The Soviet Union lost tens of millions in the Second World War, a fact memorialized often (here is another).


M. Mametova, Hero of the Soviet Union


Various local sites and memorials

We also have seen a few things we didn’t before: we took in a couple of local museums, one of which was actually very well done.


Display at the history museum


A yurt, traditional housing for the Kazakh nomads, at the historical museum


Another old church


Classic local house

I have a lot of fond memories of this town, which have been fun to relive as I walk around its streets. We brought back a great “souvenir” from our first trip, which we will not equal on any trip ever. Stay tuned for a post on the adoption side of our visit to Uralsk.

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2 thoughts on “Uralsk Walkaround

  1. wow what a beautiful canyon.the skies are so blue.you guys had a great day.love the pictures.sorry who ever fell and bruised their backside.be careful.stay healthy and safe.love, mom xxoo

    • Hi Mom,

      Sorry that you were having trouble posting comments. A couple other people have written to me with the same issue. I hope it gets resolved (I don’t know why it happened). I think this comment is supposed to be listed under the Charyn Canyon posting, but I recall you saying that the posts were “running together” when you tried to leave a remark.

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