The world is a book and those who don't travel only read one page...

Kathy Gardner

Welcome to my website – the end result of many frustrating hours attempting to master the mysterious (to me, anyway) arts of “web design” and “Wordpress”.  I really wanted a place to document my travels, share my trips with interested friends, and create a memory aid for myself and my carers when the inevitable Alzheimers sets in! “Adventure before Dementia” became my motto long before I embarked on my mammoth round the world expedition some 10 years ago now, and I am fortunate enough to have enjoyed more than my fair share of adventures for an (almost) 60 year old.

Recent Blogs:

Night Boat to Breda May 2020

Under the cover of semi-darkness, “Pearl Earring”, her code name for this mission, made her way through the park, hoping that she wouldn’t be recognised. She imagined suspicious eyes boring into her back and it felt as if she was dragging a headless corpse behind her instead of a wheelie case… Thankfully the station was deserted as she boarded the train to the docks to pick up the night ferry. Her first mission…. to reach Holland by first light, undetected…

In the Red Hurghada Apr 2015

"Let's meet somewhere in the middle", said Dan clearly missing his dear old mum (and some time off work) after four long months. And to be honest I was looking forward to some quality time with my eldest, not to mention a bit of r & r somewhere hotter than Essex.

Death (of Tourism) on The Nile Luxor Apr 2015

Feeling like visiting royalty (especially as Dan insisted on wearing his ghutra (Saudi headdress) as a sun-hat, we were waved through the numerous check-points on the 4 hour taxi journey to Luxor. Apart from the half-built railway line that followed the road and the occasional car (and tank!) it could have been the turn of the century... the 20th century!

dubai, airport, united arab emirate

Dubai Airport Jan 2014

Sitting, once again, on route backwards and forwards from London to Perth, trying…but somehow never….quite…..succeeding…. to rack up enough Emirates Skywards points to upgrade to “Silver” card status. Oh how I covet that shiny little card – so much better than the plain old blue one, that they have somehow never gotten round to sending me. Each time I get within a couple of thousand miles of the magic figure I need, they expire and I’m left back at square one again. Firmly in the “no upgrades and extra luggage allowance for you, missy” level of social strata. If I had a silver card, well I would now be sitting amongst the bling in the Emirates lounge, with a cold glass of wine in my hand and a convenient convenience within easy strolling distance.

Ponderings of a Pom in Perth 2011 - 2012

Hello Possums! Most of you by now will probably be well aware of the tumultuous events of my life over the past few months and know the reason why I am currently living in Perth, Western Australia. For those who have missed out on the catch up e-mails, Facebook updates, Skype calls, etc. here's an edited "omnibus" edition of my life since I returned to Oz...

Round the World Adventure 2010

So, here I find myself at another crossroads in my life about to take a deep breath and step into the unknown. I`ve been told that I`m `brave`, but I don`t think that it`s courage that`s brought me here. More a sense of curiosity and adventure to see what else is out there. A real drive to experience new places and people, visit at first hand those places I`ve pored over in brochures and travel books. And finally a quest to fit in as much `living` before I might lose the urge or be unable to do all those things I want to do and go to all those places I`ve always wanted to visit.